Profiles Global creates programs for organizations to harness the power of the Strategic Assessment System™ to improve your corporate performance through the implementation of behavioural assessment programs that bring structure and processes to your management and hiring processes. We deliver programs directly for leaders, managers, teams and your front line staff and provide programs to empower your training and development teams to deliver effective programs internally.

Our training programs include:

Introduction to DISC
Our introduction to DISC training programs provide managers, employees and teams with an introduction to using DISC assessments, a working knowledge of DISC characteristics and how different behavioural styles translate into different communication styles, motivations and needs among people in the organization. The goal of this program is to provide a working knowledge of DISC and to start the process of creating self awareness and awareness of differing preferred work styles among the group. The Introduction to DISC program is available in a number of formats depending on the size of the group and available time.

Leadership Development
Our leadership development programs provide leaders and manager with information about how to DISC to manage employees and themselves more effectively.

Team Building
We provide dynamic and interactive team building programs designed to energize your teams. These programs provide team members with a background to DISC and how different behavioural styles translate into different communication styles, motivations and needs among team members. The program works on self-awareness for each team member and awareness of the styles of the other team members. Team dynamics, problems and communication issues are explored and the session concludes with a roadmap to improve communication and team dynamics.

Effective Communication
Our communication seminars focus on the communication needs of people with different behavioural styles. The program examines the most effective way to communicate with each DISC style.

Sales Performance
Our sales programs use DISC to train sales people to be more effective by helping them to gain an awareness of their own style, strengths and weaknesses and to develop and understanding of how to recognize the differences between clients and buying signals from different types of clients.