Position Analysis

The Position Analysis is a benchmarking system used to create a benchmark DISC profile for a given position. The benchmark is created by having three to five people familiar with the position in your organization complete the Profiles Global Position Analysis questionnaire. The intake questions are compiled by the Strategic Assessment System™ and develop a consensus about the nature of the position and the ideal candidate using the online Position Analysis consensus process. The Position Analysis is key tool in helping interviews to predict success the success of a candidate in a role and determine the candidate best suited for a role on the basis of behavioural factors.

The Position Analysis report provides a DISC benchmark to rank and compare candidates for a position. The benchmark provides a structured and objective basis for comparing candidates. Once the position is filled the Position Analysis benchmark provides managers with an understanding of key issues for managing the person entering the role. The manager will have an understanding of the areas of fit or lack of fit for that person in the role and will be able to adjust the position, coach the person or provide support in order to help the person be effective in the role by comparing the Position Analysis with the Person Analysis.

Person Analysis

The Person Analysis is a DISC assessment of a candidate. The Person Analysis is a written report that provides an in-depth written analysis of a candidate and DISC graphs for the candidate. The Person Analysis can be completed either online or using paper forms. The reports are generated by inputting the candidate responses or score into the Profiles Global Strategic Assessment System™. The reports can be printed, downloaded or emailed from the Profiles Global Client Center.

The Person Analysis includes the following reports:

Executive Summary

Person Analysis
The Person Analysis is the comprehensive DISC assessment report for the candidate or employee.

Background to DISC
The Background to DISC report provides a resource for administrators, managers and candidates to assist in reading the report.

Keys to Motivation
The Keys to Motivation report provides an account of the underlying motivations and needs of the assessment taker.

Areas of Focus and Attention
The Areas of Focus and Attention report provides and account of a candidates blind spots, weakness and other areas for the candidate and managers to be aware of in order to improve the effectiveness of the assessment taker.

Guide to Modifying Behaviour
The Guide to Modifying Behaviour report provides managers and the employee with information about how to modify the assessment taker’s behaviour in order to be more effective.

Values to the Organization
The Values to the Organization report provides an account of the strengths that the candidate brings to the organization.

Interview Questions
The Interview Questions underlines key issues for interviews based on the behavioural assessment and provides suggested interview questions.

Reference Check Report

Personal Development Plan
The Personal Development Plan is a worksheet that provides a structured plan for employee development to assist coaches, managers and employees.

The Position Analysis
The administrator is able to select the Position Analysis benchmark associated with the candidate or employee to be included in the Person Analysis.

Administrative Data
The Administrative Data provides the scoring report of the intake form.

All of Person Analysis reports available through the Profiles Global Client Center and can be compiled as a single report or downloaded individually.