DISC Graphs

After collecting an individual's responses to a DISC questionnaire, and calculating the results, the final outcome is shown on three graphs. Each of these three graphs (or 'profiles') describes a particular side of an individual's personality. In combination, the set of three is shown in the Person Analysis report.

The three graphs all follow the same basic format, showing the unique blend of the four DISC traits, or personality factors. Reading the graph from left to right, the traits are Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.

These are easy to remember, because their initials (D, I, S and C) give the DISC system its name. DISC profiles are shown as bar graphs to establish a recognizable 'shape' for a profile. With practice and experience, the shapes associated with common personality styles become easily distinguishable.

The three graphs found in an individual's Person Analysis report may resemble one another, or diverge significantly, depending on the individual's personality. Different DISC systems use different titles for each of the three graphs, and their order can also vary from system to system. Nonetheless, the meaning and significance of each remains constant.

  Current Situation (Graph I)

  Response to Pressure (Graph II)

  How You See Yourself (Graph III)