DISC Assessments

One of the main advantages of the Profiles Global DISC assessment is that it is quick and easy to use. Our clients are able to complete the assessment knowing it is scored with accuracy and speed.

To ensure ease and speed of use, we have chosen a DISC assessment that consists of twenty-four questions. Though our assessment asks considerably fewer questions than many other behavioural assessments (some ask an individual to answer upwards of 600 questions), DISC's ability to construct an effective personality profile from such a simple question set is undoubtedly a major reason for its success.

Each of the twenty-four questions consists of four words, each word describing a Dominance, Influence, Steadiness or Compliance trait. For each question, the person completing the questionnaire is asked to select one of the four words that describes them the MOST while in a working environment. They are then asked the opposite; which of the remaining three options describes them the LEAST? This process can be administered quickly, taking, on average, ten minutes to complete, and rarely more than twenty.

Administration conditions vary little from DISC assessment to DISC assessment. For our assessment, we ask candidates to imagine themselves in a working situation while answering the questionnaire. Individuals who are not currently employed are asked to imagine themselves at their last job. These administration instructions are an adaptation from the original assessment, designed to tailor our DISC assessment for commercial use.

In the original questionnaire, the four words making up each question were simple adjectives. A candidate would be asked, for example, whether they considered themselves to be most gentle, attractive, persuasive or brave. Some traditional adjectives, appropriate in the 1920's, may no longer be relevant to many people in 2001. Interpretations of words change over time, and from country to country, and so our DISC assessment has been adjusted to take this into account.

Collecting a person's responses to a DISC questionnaire is only the first step of the DISC assessment. Once this information has been obtained (either by completing the assessment on line or by faxing us a completed copy of the downloadable/printable analysis), it is scored to produce a DISC profile. We will then be in touch with you within 24 hours after submitting the assessment.