Product Update: Assessment Timer

by Rob Attwell 18. October 2010 22:03

Behavioural assessments are more likely to be valid if you control conditions during the assessment intake process.  In order to make sure that the assessments are completed continuously, without interruption and without second guessing by the assessment taker we have we have added an assessment timer to the Person Analysis. 


The timer allows you to restrict the amount of time available to candidates or employees completing the Person Analysis online to 7, 8, 10 or 12 minutes.  The amount of time remaining is displayed for the candidate as the go through the Person Analysis.  If the candidate does not complete the assessment within the specified time they are able to return to restart the assessment in 60 minutes using the same credentials.

The amount of time taken to complete all assessments is now recorded in the Person Analysis, Executive Summary and Administrative Data reports.

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